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7 Free Online Bootcamps To Get Started in Tech

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Getting started in tech as self-taught is like entering a forest reserve without a tour guide. You spend hours figuring out how the forest reserve operates, the road networks, and how to see more animals when one could have saved more time with the help of a tour guide who understands how the system works. In our case, these tour guides are the Online Bootcamps we are about to discuss.

As someone looking to get started in tech, you need to have a high level of persistence and consistency to figure things out without help, find the courses that are best for you, and be ready to push hard enough to get to where you want to be. Online bootcamps exist to ease these troubles.
They are study programs that allow students to learn in-demand tech skills within a particular timeframe while receiving detailed instructions and resources or mentorship from instructors to make the process easier.

In this post, I’ll discuss the top free coding Bootcamps for Africans or Nigerians to participate in to get started in tech.

If you have no idea what digital skill to learn, you should check out this post about the top digital skills to learn from the comfort of your home.

Free Online Bootcamps for Beginners

Zuri/HNG Internship

This program is a fast-paced remote internship that enables young Africans to learn solid digital skills while working with teams on real-life projects. The most exciting thing about this program is that it’s in two phases: the training and the internship phase.

The training phase is for beginners looking to have a good foundation in their chosen field, while the internship phase is for those who already have a good foundation and are looking to advance their skills or need industry experience.

As a beginner, you can start with the training phase and finish it off with the internship phase to advance your skill.

How it works: new projects are assigned to interns every week, and they are to be completed before they can be promoted to the next stage. Though the tasks get increasingly challenging as you proceed to higher levels. The same structure applies to the internship phase.

Interns who complete all the stages are issued certificates and added to the Zuri talent pool for possible job placements.

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Tracks: frontend development, backend development, UI/UX design, mobile development, product management, dev-ops, and sales/digital marketing.


Freecodecamp is a non-profit organization owned by Quincy Larson. It’s a self-paced program that allows students to learn the necessary skills they need anytime and anywhere that’s convenient for them. With the right resources and projects for every track, students can develop their skills at no cost. The platform gives learners access to resources, classwork to test their knowledge after every lecture, and an online community platform where you can ask questions and connect with people who share your interests. If you’re a beginner looking to learn any of the skills listed below, this platform will give you the solid foundation you need. Upon completion, you’re issued a certificate recognized anywhere in the world for free.

Tracks: Frontend development (JavaScript), Data analysis with python, Machine learning with python, Quality assurance, backend development, and information security with python.

ALX Africa

The ALX Scholarship is a program dedicated to helping young Africans gain the necessary digital skills, experience, and relationships to get a standard future-proof career in tech.

Fees for this program have been waived since 2022 due to sponsorships from the MasterCard Foundation and their other sponsors. The program spans 3-12 months for the tracks available in each cohort. Following program completion, you will be issued a certificate and asked to join a community where you can access resources, employment possibilities, and a solid social network.

Tracks: Software engineering, AWS Cloud practitioner, data science, salesforce administrator, financial analyst, virtual assistant, and data analyst.


100devs is a 30-week free fully remote Bootcamp founded by Leon Noel. He aims to help people get into software engineering for free, especially underrepresented people in tech. The classes are usually twice a week with assigned reading that must have been done before the lecture. Despite the high barrier of entry due to a high number of applications, there have been testimonials from students who have completed this program, which leads me to believe it will provide you with the groundwork you need to become a world-class dev.

Track: Full-stack JavaScript


Devcareer is a non-profit organization aiming to help individuals get a foothold in tech by providing accurate resources to accelerate their growth. This program started with giving out laptops to budding developers who needed them through #laptopfordevs but has now grown beyond that. With the help of the resources and mentors available, they’ve been able to train over 70 developers, and I believe there’s more to come.

Tracks: Frontend development, Backend development, Mobile Application development.

Women Techsters Bootcamp

Women Techsters is an initiative of tech4dev whose primary aim is to bridge the tech knowledge gap between men and women. Their goal is to empower more women to become independent by acquiring solid skills. And they are able to achieve this by organizing a series of programs across the country (Nigeria) every year. The cohorts span 3weeks, and tutors are available to assist students with the help they need throughout the program. Tech4dev has a lot of unique programs every year, from digital skills to soft skills, regardless of gender. You should follow them on Instagram @tech4dev to avoid missing important information.

Tracks: Cybersecurity, data analysis, product design, product management, software development.

Sidehustle Internship

Side hustle is an internship program founded by Damilola Oyediran in partnership with Jobberman. He aims to reduce unemployment and poverty rates in Nigeria by providing a platform for the youths to learn digital skills for free. Their approach and the Zuri training are pretty similar, and there are also mentors in every track to help students with any questions they might have. Honestly, I haven’t gotten the best review about this program but remember that it is free, so you might not get the best experience, but it will help set your foot on the right path.

Tracks: frontend web development, backend web development, cloud computing, mobile application development, WordPress development, quality assurance, data analytics, product design (UI/UX), graphics design, video animation product management, Microsoft Office, digital marketing & content creation, customer relationship management.


Completing Bootcamps won’t exactly make you a professional. You need considerable time to revise, learn, practice, and build projects independently. This is the only way to develop your skills and become better at what you do. You must also remember that the goal is not only to earn these certificates but also to gain the necessary knowledge and deeply understand the skill you’ve just earned a certificate for.

Best of luck!




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