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Make Money as a Technical Writer: 10 Websites That Will Pay You to Write Technical Articles

Make money as a technical writer

It’s one thing to learn a skill; it’s another to master and start earning from such a skill. Several publications are willing to pay writers to write articles for them. But to apply, get selected ,and make money as a technical writer, you need to have mastered technical writing to a good extent or be willing to learn how to become one.

This article is for you if you’re a freelance technical writer, a developer, or a designer looking to earn extra income but don’t know how.

I’ve put together writing opportunities that will help you earn up to $600 per article, depending on the article topic, complexity, or your level of knowledge.

Websites That Pay Technical Writers


Appypie is an app-building platform where users can create Android and iOS apps in easy steps without any coding. They allow writers to submit guest posts on various topics such as restaurant apps, app marketing, radio/music/entertainment apps, real estate apps, small businesses, etc. Word count is usually between 1000 – 2500 words depending on the topic. You even get a chance to participate in sweepstakes for a chance to win an iPad if your entry gets selected.

Payment: Up to $100 per article. An engaging blog also gets an extra $50 reward.

How to Apply: Send in complete entries to

Review content requirements here before submitting a proposal.


If you understand how photoshop works and is willing to teach thousands of people what you know and get paid for it, then photoshoptutorials is for you. You can either opt-in to teach readers some quick tips or write a full tutorial on a particular photoshop concept.

Payment: Up to $150 to $300 per article and $50 for quick tutorials.

How to Apply: Submit an application here.

Review content requirements here before submitting a proposal.

Chainstack Developer Hub

Chainstack developer hub is a community of developers that writes web3-related articles, tutorials, and guides and gets paid for them. They have a telegram and discord channel for easy communication with their writers. To get selected, you have to create a proposal. If your proposal is accepted, you can then proceed to write, submit the content, go through the review process with the chainstack team, and get paid for it.

Payment: From $200 for every published article.

How to Apply: Send a proposal here.

Review content requirements here before submitting a proposal.


Tutplus is another publication that hires experienced designers to write content focusing on practical applications of software such as Adobe InDesign, Inkscape, illustrator, sketch, and Corel draw. Recently, they have also shown interest in writers with skills in typography and drawing. If any of this gets you excited, then it’s worth submitting an application to work with them.

Payment:  Pay is from $150 to $200 per regular article and $50 to $75 for quick tutorials.

How to Apply: Send an email to

Review the requirements here before you apply.

Hit Subscribe

Hit subscribe is a technical marketing agency that works with clients and hires engineers to write on topics ranging from machine learning and DevOps to API security and management. You have a chance to cross-post content to your blog and can also earn 2x by writing ghostwritten content.

Payment: $100 for every published article and $200 for ghostwritten articles.

How to Apply: Apply to join here.

Review the requirements here before submitting an application.

Make Use Of

Makeuseof is a platform aiming to provide its readers with tips, tricks, and practical guides on how to use and understand technology. Their writers provide content on windows or mac operating systems, productivity tips, and better ways to use certain software (such as Microsoft, TikTok, Wikipedia, etc.) effectively.

If you love writing, love to fix computers, and know your way around several software or programs, then you want to submit an application.

Payment:  $120 per article with performance benefits.

How to Apply: Send an application here.

Review the requirements here.


Neptune hires data scientists and machine learning engineers to write articles on advanced ML topics such as model development, data versioning, Building MLOps tool stack, Time series, etc. They also accept non-technical blog posts such as a list of best tools for XYZ, guides, how-tos, etc.

Payment:  Pay is between $300 – $600 per article, depending on the topic or scope.

How to Apply: Send an email to

Review the requirements here before you apply.


UXBooth is a publication for the user experience community. Whether you are a UX designer, researcher, or UX writer, UX booth is willing to welcome you. They pride themselves in providing articles on trending topics, how-tos articles, and best practices backed by personal experiences or months or years of research to their audience.

Payment:  Pay is from $100.

How to Apply: Submit an application here.

Review the requirements here before you apply.

Content Turbine

Content Turbine is a technical writing agency that hires freelance technical writers to create product use cases, how-to-articles, developers’ guides, etc. To get onboarded, you must pass through a screening process specifically designed to measure your communication skills and level of expertise.

Payment: From $150 for new writers.

How to Apply: Join the waitlist here.

Requirement: Must be over 18 years old and have a means of accepting payments.


Tutorialspoint started in 2006 by providing simple tutorials on different programming languages to its readers. Today, the platform’s writers produce technical and non-technical articles on various subjects, including IT, business intelligence, soft skills, big data, project management, accounting, finance, and more.

Payment:  Pay is from $250 – $500 per article, depending on the article topic or length.

How to Apply: Send an email to, including your profile and work samples.

Review the requirements here before you apply.



Contena is a job board for technical writers looking to get freelance or remote full-time jobs. They have a specific category for tech and IT jobs. You can find hundreds of contract, part-time, and full-time remote jobs here, depending on your preference. To get started, you will have to complete a form. This allows them to understand your desired jobs and tailor your feeds to suit your responses. If you’re looking for a paid job board with quality jobs or gigs, then contena is your guy.

Final Thoughts

Learning, sharing your knowledge, and getting paid for it, is a good way to earn extra income. However, getting into these publications is not exactly a walk in the park. You need the expertise required for your application to be considered by these companies. And if you have no technical background, you might have to work twice as hard. But it’s not impossible if you’re determined to get results, which is why you have to be persistent!





  • Abdulsalaam

    Thanks for posting,I did apply but I haven’t received any response from the agencies. Please any suggestion

    • racheltomi

      Sorry about that.

      Sometimes it takes weeks for these companies to get back, due to the large pool of talents they have to deal with.

      One thing is to make sure that the samples you’re submitting align with the company’s requirements. You don’t want to submit react articles to a company that focuses on MLOps or blockchain blogs.
      Apply to as many as you can, and be patient.

      Hopefully, this helps!

  • Oluwaseun

    Thank you for this.

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